Our Services

Marble Grinding

We can grind any stone, marble, granite and concrete surface, which exposes a new surface, removing scratches, stains, discolouration and any unwanted soapscum.

This is a procedure that removes several mm’s off the surface to expose a new one.

Marble Polishing

We can polish your surface… This will enhance the shine but not remove scratches. It can even out dull spots and bring the surface to near new condition.

This is a procedure that uses fine grits to improve the shine of the surface and replace the lost gloss.

We offer a variety of services including marble Polishing and Concrete polishing

Marble Repairs

Whether it is stone, marble, granite or concrete, a floor, benchtop, table or wall, we can repair cracks, stains, chips, shine and Grout, bringing the surface back to its former glory… Or better

Do not let a scratch become a crack and then create a bigger issue. Repair it now at an affordable rate.

We also provide Granite Repairs.

Marble Sealing

If your surface is holding more water than usual we can help with that. We can apply a quality sealer to create a protection from moisture.

Having a surface correctly sealed helps with cleaning and increasing the life of that, surface.

It will also help decrease the accumulation of dirt and grime.

We also offer Stone Sealing services

Marble Restoration

We can restore your surface with combining all of these services above. We will first repair, grind, polish, buff and then seal that concrete, marble, stone or granite surface, bringing it back to brand new condition. This is recommended for those surfaces that require a complete restoration.

For the most damaged or surfaces that require that extra bit of attention.

Stone Restoration | Kitchen Bench-top Repairs